Today's consumer universe requires a modern skill set and profile for marketers to possess. There are many areas that marketers have to be knowledgeable about these days and understand the complementary relationship different disciplines have with each other.

For instance, content marketing and SEO Services should be married and fully integrated to help brands capture the highest return on investment and brand success. For marketers to be successful and effective in today's age, I recommend they possess the following characteristics:

Constantly learning: Technology and platforms are expanding at a fast pace, so a good marketer stays in tune with emerging platforms and how they work.

Open minded: Every client issue requires its own solution. There is no template for problem-solving, since every problem and circumstance is unique. A good marketer is open to new ideas.

Process-driven: Processes evolve and weed out problems and inefficiencies that can eliminate risks and save time. Data-focused: We are in a data-driven world, so solutions must be data and evidence based. It's no longer a shot in the dark. Data can increase the chance of a successful campaign.

Collaborative: There are many marketing disciplines in this day and age. A good marketer will be able to work across disciplines and understand how they can be leveraged to provide the most effective solutions.

Technically savvy: Technology is changing, but it's important that a good marketer understands the basics of websites, platforms, and programming. Generalists as well as specialists: Just because a marketer is an expert at SEO or CRM, they should be able to understand creative, planning, and media initiatives, and vice versa.

Humble and honest: Attitude is everything, and it is important to understand that a diverse set of experts and points of view provides better marketing solutions than just one person. A marketer must be humble and honest about their limitations and understand that solutions are typically beyond just their capacity.

Content diversified: As we'll get into it later on in this book, content can mean many things and comes in many forms. Brand and marketing teams should always work to evolve their programs to include post-mortem learnings to understand why certain projects fail and certain ones work.