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Which car parts sell the most, and which is easiest to sell? This is an article about what car parts are easy to sell and which are harder. Starting with the easiest and ranging to the hardest, here are which car parts sell the most including such items as filters, radiators, brake pads and catalytic convertors.

Air filter

An air filter stops harmful debris and dirt from entering and damaging your engine. If you don't have an air filter it will majorly harm your engine which can cost a small fortune. To keep your filter in top notch shape you will have to oil it with a specific air filter oil. This also helps to stop your engine getting mucky. Air filters are normally decent for about 15,000 miles, and by buying them cheap and selling them you could make roughly around £20.00 profit. This part is the easiest part to sell.

Car radiator

Car radiators are exchangers of heat, they keep the engine nice and cool while also warming you up on a winter's day. Most modern cars have aluminium radiators, and most old classic vehicles radiators are made from copper. Car radiators are one of the things in cars that can sometimes never be too old, they are easy to restore if you know what you are doing. Car radiators (once restored) normally have a life expectancy of over 75,000 miles. They’re really easy to sell also, and you can make above £200 from buying radiators at retail price and then selling them at shop prices.

Brake pad set

Brake pads are extremely important for your car, they cushion the wheel between two pads to make it stop. Without brake pads you're bound to have a very serious accident. They normally last around 35,000 miles as brake pads get worn down easily due to friction from the wheels stopping. You can make around £20.00 profit from buying and selling these. They are moderate to sell.

Brake disc

A brake disc is attached to the suspension of a car, they give the driver a better feel of the pedal. To get rid of them it's moderate again, depending on the season. from buying and selling them you can make around £30.00 profit. You'll usually get around 50,000 miles out of them depending how well you treat them.

Shock absorbers and Strut assembly

Shock absorbers help keep your tyres in contact with the ground, they control the movement of the springs and suspension. A strut assembly is pretty similar to a shock absorber. A strut is a coil spring that supports the vehicle's weight. It provides structured support for the assembly. The strut assembly is an essential part of the cars suspension system. It can be moderately easy to sell. Can make around £30 on profit from buying and selling, and normally you'll get around 50,000 miles and over out of them.

Catalytic converters

A catalytic converter is part of the car's exhaust system, it helps to turn the harmful compounds that come from cars into harmless compounds, keeping the passengers safe. The catalytic converter is placed between the muffler and the engine. These are harder to sell as not many people understand what they are. They normally last you around 80,000 miles, and you can make around £250.00 profit depending on the condition of it.

Fuel pump

A fuel pump is what feeds the diesel or petrol to your engine to power your car. They can be hard to locate depending on how modern your car is. The fuel pump is normally electric in modern cars, and on all cars located inside the fuel tank, underneath the tank to keep the pump cool.In an old car (like a ford capri, for instance) they would normally be located in a similar place, a place that's near the tank but not directly under it. You can normally get around 75,000 miles out of them and around £150.00 profit. They’re moderately hard to sell, but the overall profit is worth it.

Control arm

A control arm is a cushion to the suspension system, they allow wheels to move up and down, and they protect your wheels when going over speed bumps. They absorb the shock from bumps and manholes in the road, and they’re quite hard to sell as once again, not many people know their purpose. They can last you about 75,000 miles and you can make around £100.00 profit from purchasing and selling them. They can be hard to sell but if your big business or your a patient person, it will not be a problem.

Ignition coil

Ignition coils are definitely one of the hardest to sell, as once again not many people know why they’re needed. They last for around 75,000 miles and you can only make about £30.00 profit from them. An ignition coil jump starts the engine and ignites the engines fuel-air mixture. They are a management component that are also a part of your vehicle's ignition system. Ignition coils are normally electric and they also function as induction coils.

Author: Lucy Hall